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Back Yard Yacht Builder's Webring

The web ring below will provide you with a few hours of entertainment surfing the web sites of other back yard yacht builders who actually ...

  1. Bought plans from Stevenson Projects
  2. Began construction of a boat
  3. Snapped some photographs to document the results
  4. Had enough time, energy, and know-how to build a website just for your enjoyment.

Aloha Ditto for the sites listed in the panel on the right. Special thanks to Phil Gowans, Frank Hagan, and Adla Earl, whose web sites provided enough inspiration to get me to actually get off my ass and start building a full scale Weekender.

The clincher for me was probably this shot of Phil's Aloha. Seriously, how could you not want one just like her.

Adla has the slickest web site with the best collection of photos of Weekenders actually out on the water ... and in the middle of the desert no less. Beautiful blue skies, crystal clear water, pretty boats, and the occasional pirate.

Frank's site includes a lot of technical detail, closeup construction photos of every part of the boat, and of course "The Question", which in my humble opinion is required reading for potential boat builders.

The rest of the sites deserve honorable mentions and are worth a look.


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